Advanced Marine Technology Solutions

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Welcome to the showcase of Marine Technology, Inc. Product development for marine products requires extensive background in the marine business. This showcase presents designing solutions for marine products like hovercraft, airboats, commercial and recreational boats, personal watercraft, amphibious product applications and other unique marine vehicles.

What we can do for you!

Project management, sub-system development, production set-up and safety survey, operator's manuals, ergonomics, legal exposure, product liability and intellectual property protection are considerations a good marine product manager should consider when looking at Marine Technology, Inc. We solve your problems as they happen or help you avoid problems by applying many years of marine product development solutions. We have created many marine products from concept to production, product testing and marketing, production engineering and next generation development.


Below you will find links to specific projects that demonstrate our skills in product development and marketing, dealer/distributor development and management, media purchase, design and placement, and, sales and product training. Please click on the pictures below to browse the showcase.

Showcase of Aerocruiser Hovercraft Showcase of SCAT Hovercraft Showcase of Rescue Hovercraft Showcase of Recreational Hovercraft Showcase of Recreational Hovercraft